Focus & Anchor from the Heart Space

Anchor and focus on your heart space. Do you know what that means? And what about the mind? Do you recognize that the mind distracts and moves you off-course with its mental ramblings? It takes a bit of time to overcome the mind and its mental objections or to allow you to do so easily. Know that the mind interrupts many of those things you want to bring into manifestation. It’s when it introduces something of a lower nature, things you don’t want in your future … it is when you ponder upon those things, that you then cancel out the other. Manifestations are negated in this way. If you haven’t already developed a practice to still the mind, you might want to get started with that objective right away.

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Always Seek More

If you wonder about what the Elders mean when they reference the need to want more, do you know what they recommend in this way? You see, Universe awaits knowing your wants and desires. Make them known. This is how you enlist more to be given and for those things to appear in your life. Thus it is so important always to seek more.

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A Heart-Aligned Practice is Key

A Heart Aligned Practice is Key

Do you realize the value of connecting to your heart space? Why aligning from that heart space is key, and why the Elders recommend it routinely? Do you recognize that they do not always recommend for you to do so within each meditation or update they share? Do you also recognize that you might want to take this step nonetheless each time you begin your day? Do you realize the value of such a connection and what it brings to your being and world when you do so? 

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Surrender, Plus Feeling Meditation

Surrender Plus Feeling

Do you wonder about how to surrender and why it doesn’t seem to remove certain non-wanted things but yet nothing seemed to change? Was something missed in the process that you maybe missed? You surrender this thing unwanted. This thing that you wanted to surrender and leave in your past. Did you believe that it could be accomplished? Did you fail to truly release it in the process? Did belief hold up it taking effect?

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