Insights from the Elders

Everything is energy, vibration, frequency and as such we seek to show how all is aligned from this vantage. Become centered as you recall how you are more than this physical form. All you seek is within and so do move from a place of conviction as all you seek is made manifest. Move in purpose and Love.

Negativisms – Let Go of those Negative What Ifs

Do you recognize and pay attention to the thoughts that run routinely through your mind’s eye? Are they positive or negative thoughts? Have you wanted to know how to stop the flow of that negative loop of thinking? Negativisms seemingly exist when you are not paying attention to what your thoughts suggest. These are all big questions and are the purpose of this blog post. 


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Alchemy & Elixirs, Part 2

Do you know what it means when the Elders discuss elixirs in relation to a recent post asking Are You an Alchemist? Now they discuss a magical substance. It can bring more into your life than you might currently believe. Ingest an elixir to feel its marvelous healing qualities. You can heal and restore your body when charging your own elixir to do so. Create it with energy infused by your hands. What was once simply water now becomes so much more.

Alchemy & Elixirs text

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Finding and Understanding Your Original Purpose

If you’re like me, you’ve considered your purpose for a while. Are you wondering now, how do I discover my real purpose, what is the real purpose of this life, or maybe how do I find my life path? It very much started that way for me.

Robyn G. Locke - Author at Finding your Purpose Workshop at Lesvos, Greece

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Are you an Alchemist, Part 1, Manifest Your Best Life

Do you consider yourself an alchemist? Do you consider yourself a master alchemist? Maybe it would be helpful to define alchemy as defined here. You see, it’s the means to bring forward your best life and all that might be. Consider alchemy as another means of enacting true manifestation.

Are You An Alchemist?

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Tips on How to Manifest the Best Life

Do you wonder what the Elders mean when they discuss manifesting the best life? And how does someone manifest the best life? They’re not talking about doing something better, but moving beyond an acceptable or just better level. Does this have anything to do with the golden rules of life? Maybe. Rather, think in terms of having the life of your dreams. That’s what is meant when discussing how to manifest your best life. 

Robyn G. Locke - Author

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How Can You Help Another – Universal Love

Are you ready to consider more? There is a greater insight shared as the Elders relate a bit more today and to remind us that we are not living in the highest or most evolved time in Earth’s evolution. Yet we exist in a state of readiness as a bit more is given.

Grow Universal Love to Help Another

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Our Books are Launching – Plus Your Bonus

I’m so excited to connect with you here as our launch date is finally here. Tomorrow, two books are launching — Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change and The Greater Purpose: Awaken to Your Reason for Being. They’ll be available on Amazon on Thursday, October 20. That morning we’ll be doing a Facebook Live Launch Event beginning at 9 AM EST.

Books awakening and greater purpose by Robyn G. Locke

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A Long-Ago Story and Your Meditational Practice

The Elders share the value of developing and maintaining your meditational practice. They’ve recommended this developing or shoring up your practice. We’ve even shared a 10-Step practice so your steps and practice can transform the way your life unfolds. So that you have the means to experience the best life. In today’s update, they share the details of my Soul’s initial incarnation. It was this first life experience that established how subsequent incarnations would progress. You see, this first life experience ended quite unexpectedly. You’ve probably read or heard the Elders suggest establishing your meditational practice before. They do so because this is quite simply the best way to keep negative mental chatter in check.

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Align from your Heart Space

Here the Elders discuss the significance of centering or aligning from your heart space as you consider pondering or reflecting upon something under deliberation. Do you understand what they reference here? And do you see how beginning from the heart space instead of engaging mentally, is what they hope to convey? You see, often that line of questioning begins mentally.

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Focus & Anchor from the Heart Space

Anchor and focus on your heart space. Do you know what that means? And what about the mind? Do you recognize that the mind distracts and moves you off-course with its mental ramblings? It takes a bit of time to overcome the mind and its mental objections or to allow you to do so easily. Know that the mind interrupts many of those things you want to bring into manifestation. It’s when it introduces something of a lower nature, things you don’t want in your future … it is when you ponder upon those things, that you then cancel out the other. Manifestations are negated in this way. If you haven’t already developed a practice to still the mind, you might want to get started with that objective right away.

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Always Seek More

If you wonder about what the Elders mean when they reference the need to want more, do you know what they recommend in this way? You see, Universe awaits knowing your wants and desires. Make them known. This is how you enlist more to be given and for those things to appear in your life. Thus it is so important always to seek more.

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A Heart-Aligned Practice is Key

Do you realize the value of connecting to your heart space? Why aligning from that heart space is key, and why the Elders recommend it routinely? Do you recognize that they do not always recommend for you to do so within each meditation or update they share? Do you also recognize that you might want to take this step nonetheless each time you begin your day? Do you realize the value of such a connection and what it brings to your being and world when you do so? 

A Heart Aligned Practice is Key

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