Insights from the Elders

Everything is energy, vibration, frequency and as such we seek to show how all is aligned from this vantage. Become centered as you recall how you are more than this physical form. All you seek is within and so do move from a place of conviction as all you seek is made manifest. Move in purpose and Love.

How Do You Define Ego, What is Playing Within

What do you hear playing in your head when you stop to listen? The mind engages and processes logical thoughts. It moves in a manner that occurs in a sequence or flow.

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What is Ego, What Drives Your Thoughts

What drives your thoughts? Ego was once a necessary and critical component anchored within your form. There are still many benefits it offers. It has served to provide the needed guideposts for survival in earlier times. So relevant was its purpose and mission that the demise or loss of one’s life would have more readily occurred without its most critical evaluation of circumstances surrounding it in less secure times. Today, many live within the parameters of a more secure surroundings. Of course, there are exceptions. During more questionable times, safety must not be taken for granted. Checking…

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Are You Moving in the Right Direction

Are you moving in the right direction? Yes, surely your thoughts and desires move you in one direction or another, but are they moving you in a preferred direction? Consciously or subconsciously you are creating a flow of desire based on concepts you set up before you came into embodiment here. When all your actions are not aligned as they might be, do you find you move differently? Perhaps not to feel the comfort and joy you would otherwise feel. Out of alignment with the sequence in play or direction sought. Do you feel angst within, which…

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Structure or Spontaneity

Enter into the space of allowing. In this way, you allow more to Be. Would you agree with the statement then that “Through God all things are possible?”

As we have said, life, when too structured, is not a life of living, but a rote and routine, almost a mechanical sort of occurrence. It is in the not-knowing of life — the spontaneity of life that allows for possibility and endless potential to enter in. So we say this day to lessen structure within your day. Allow new experiences and opportunities to enter in.

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What about Death, What Value Does It Hold

Death is a necessary part of the earth’s process. Without transition, well, there would be many in embodiment here. New experiences sought might be difficult to bring forward in a one-life scenario. So there must be ways to do so. Illness, disease, and death currently allow for this transition to occur. Perhaps in time, other methods could be employed to move a Soul onto other things.

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Choose Expansiveness Over Struggle

Life was not meant to be a struggle, but on the earth plane, it oftentimes is just that. It has become a motivating influence to many and serves to influence those by what it portends. So in the struggle, the doings do sometimes occur ritualistically and perhaps other times they occur out of inspiration. It is the inspirational aspect that we focus upon here.

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Karma, Is it Man-Made

The body is the repository of all feelings. So as your Soul came into this form it did carry with it some of the emotional energetic aspects that originated in other embodiments. So what is karma? Do you choose to accept the constraints of karma as defined by man? You need not.

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Trust And Believe – What You Don’t Know

Shelf the mind and do move into the sacred space of your heart. Trust and believe.

And so today, as you reside in the space and realm of allowing what can be to Be, would you agree that this is how you might enter into the flow of consciousness? This is also known as Universal Consciousness. It is through such unknown things that you can move into new possibilities. Meditate or choose another way to still the mind of its bantering.

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Focus on What you Want, Rather than What You Don’t Have

Too often, the mind focuses on life from a position of lack, rather than the abundance offered by the Universe. In that offering, so much can be gleaned, In fact, so much can move from that space into attainment in all things. You came here to experience life. 

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How to Attract More of What You Want

Have you been remiss in focusing on what you don’t want, rather than what you do? Many are predominately focused on what they don’t have rather than on the abundance that awaits once you focus upon it.

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Stepping into the New Year

Today marks a day of vibrancy and hope as we move into the opportunities that await in the unfolding year. Not just for you, but for all who walk the path and seek enlightenment. Each new day does mark new opportunities that will bring solace and move each closer to all they seek and aspire to accomplish.

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