Insights from the Elders

Everything is energy, vibration, frequency and as such we seek to show how all is aligned from this vantage. Become centered as you recall how you are more than this physical form. All you seek is within and so do move from a place of conviction as all you seek is made manifest. Move in purpose and Love.

The Amazing Power in the Law of Attraction

Have you ever wondered why you attract different people into your life? Have you wondered about some that seem so very different from you, your life path, and why they have entered the scene? Have you heard about the power and significance found in the law of attraction? Now consider how each contributor in your play of life is drawn to you in this way.

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10 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

Are you ready for your days to be different so you can manifest your dreams? And when true manifestation is sought, do you know what it is that you seek to bring forward? Do you know what will need to be implemented so that you turn the corner on achieving this objective? Let us delve into this a bit and see what you believe is possible as we look to enable these objectives to spring forth in a significant way.

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Why Does Life Seem So Unbelievably Difficult

Welcome the day that is to be. Do you see that in this day exists the wonderment and all that is key as you align in all that is? Now might we move forward some ideas, some considerations for your consideration?

Let us begin. Life here in this space is composed of those things that do move and form ideas and that which is of measure. We say this because when you arrive here you must look to see what might be done about this or that. You exist, let us say, from a state of wanting. What is this to become, or that to be, within this existence?

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Is Your Purpose Unquestionably Your #1 Priority

Is it time to make your purpose your number one priority? Might you know that more can be this day when you seek such understandings? More can be when you willingly seek for the more which exists outside and beyond your mental knowingness. Do you see that more awaits there and is within reach, but you must extend your hand to access it? You must seek to reach for more in a way of wanting. Do you see that this is true for your purpose?

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Closer to Venus Podcast

Have you wondered why you are here? Do you wonder about living your life in the time you find yourself?

I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Closer to Venus Podcast. It’s hosted by Johnny Burke and is all about the burning topics: why we are living today and where we are going. It’s the central theme of his podcast. So fun to add another perspective into the mix of understandings. I had the pleasure of sharing what I’ve learned during this in-depth interview.

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What’s the Value of Gratitude

Do you give gratitude often? Do you take steps to consider what a day would be like without clean air, the freedom to travel here or there, the uniquenesses of a flower or a blooming tree? Do you see each as being distinctly individual to any other and to be treasured as such? Do you then take the time to reflect upon them to give thanks that you recognized their nuances? Those that allowed you to move into that space of appreciation? Might you do so now even if you have already considered the value of each conjectured thing previously? Do so in this way so that more might be? More might be in existence in this way. Let us explain.

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Self-Love (#14)

Might you give yourself self-love today? During a day when so much emphasis is placed upon love, might you gift some love to yourself? Might you enter into the space of giving this love to yourself as you buoy up your energy accordingly?

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Your Purpose is Energy (#13)

Might you enlist your purpose? It resonates with you, an energetic component that you wanted to understand at an earlier point in time. Are you ready, and do you want to make it your priority this day? This is the reason you are here.

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The Beauty of Diversity (#12)

The Beauty of Diversity, Why It Exists – Now, Consider Adding a Dash of Love into the World of Form. #12

Do you wonder about diversity and why it exists? Have you considered the value it brings as you muse upon it now? Know that it is for a purpose and one that evokes clarity and more defined understandings. For if everything were the same, how would you know the difference between one preference versus another?

Move this day to bring Universal Love into play in a big way. Move it into this world of form and all that progresses from this point forward.

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Gratitude – Give Appreciation (#11)

Do you recognize the many things today that you perhaps take for granted? Might you recognize them now and give gratitude for the many freedoms you experience? Give appreciation for the freedoms you have and for what you are experiencing in this space and time. Pause now to do so.

Do you also see that the mind will seek to navigate you here and there … to do this or that? Seek to discern what is most important. And do so from a place of centeredness. Do so from your heart space rather than through a mental engagement. Ask and seek direction often.

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Meditate & Strengthen Your Practice (#10)

We have spoken about developing your practice at other times and suggest it as the best means to allow you to become centered when there is much underfoot. It is much easier to develop an inner peace in calmer times. Meditation is a means to strengthen what you wish to grow. Meditate, pray or enlist a most necessary practice to do so. Might you get about establishing a practice that will be accessible when the goings and doings become more challenging than how you find yourself today?

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Accomplish Today – Do Not Delay (#9)

Accomplish Today – Do Not Delay — Enact Those Most Important Things that You Have Delayed Doing. #9.

Do you realize that we are in special times and in these times, it is important to move into cue what you wish to enact, do, or be?

Do not delay the things that you’ve put off accomplishing. Might you look at life as precious so you do not lose what might otherwise be put into play in an immediate sort of way?

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