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Edward Kuhlenkamp

One of the Best Self-Help I’ve Read

I like to constantly push myself and find better ways to increase my performance in life and business. This book is one of the best I have read, and I have read many books. It cuts to the chase with practical ways to heal trauma or anything that is unconscious ... read more

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Jon Martin Anastacio

Author of Reclaiming Your Sacred Path

The messages here are timeless. The teachings and exercises for applying them are unique. Grounded in universal spiritual principles, the Elders offer guidance for creating a personal pathway to reclaim your life purpose and create the change you want to make in your life.

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Be Gladhill

My Go-To Guide Book

The wisdom and processes offered by the Elders are awesome and truly help to make the shift toward enlightenment and alignment with the higher self. It is timeless, a keeper, and a go-to for new insights and perspectives every time!

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Britney G.

My Days Are Different

I am enacting steps outlined in the What If Book of What Is. One of those steps recommends that I begin each day from my heart center. So that’s what I’m doing and my days are different. I’ve noticed a physical difference in my energy ... read more


Cristy Flores

Wonderful Gift

This book is a wonderful gift from Robyn and the Elders. They teach us that we are so much more than what we think we are. This book provides  exercises that help us to develop our abilities to connect and amplify our awareness ...

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Rosie L.


This is a thought-provoking and very informative book. A separate workbook instead of activities in the chapter would have worked better for my learning style.

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Jones Leeh

Lessons, Enlightenment, Advice and Illumination

As the title suggests, we have a brief guide on how we can improve ourselves in several ways. The author divides the book into short segments that can be read in a few minutes and are chronological … read more