Awaken to Manifest Your Best Life Companion Workbook

by Robyn G Locke, the Elders







Awaken to Manifest Your Best Life Companion Workbook (Companion Workbook) offers a unique means to accelerate the process of true inner awareness, restorative healing, and personal transformation. Journal your inspirational insights as you garner a deeper understanding of Universal Love’s vast capabilities and timeless measures. As you set the stage for all that is to come, access all the tools available to enable each discovery to take form.

Manifest the best life by doing so in a truly unparalleled way. Take steps to enact a purposeful and limitless life. As you engage, and perhaps even re-engage, the steps outlined in Awaken to Manifest Your Best Life (Awaken) bring about the unbounded existence you envision. Employ Awaken’s complementary workbook to access an even greater ability to move these teachings into motion. Delve into the many insights, understandings, and wisdoms given. Chronicle your journey as you implement the many suggested steps, processes, and practices. Attain all you are in search of when putting these resources into play. Enlist each method to move your doings into action more readily.

If you work with others to remove their stored energetic issues, again, take advantage of the dual resources to harness preferred results. Plan to use Awaken in tandem with the Companion Workbook to move beyond and into a better space of being.

Enlist and enact those components that will elicit self-healing. Remove the seeds of disease and illness as you manifest a better tomorrow. Bring about change as you foster a healthier body and more than you ever thought possible.

Finally, utilize the Companion Workbook when you need more of a methodology of action and one concise location to further reflect, actuate and move forward all you seek to put into play this day.

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