by Robyn G Locke, the Elders







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Do you have trouble manifesting what you want in life? Discover how to align your being and tap into those unlimited possibilities.

Feel like you’re off-course? Hurdles stopping you in your tracks? Searching for guidance that seems nowhere to be found? Gifted international speaker, author, change facilitator, and energy intuitive Robyn G. Locke conveys wisdoms given by the Elders – Beings of Pure Consciousness and Infinite Awareness. And now she’s here to share powerful Universal insights to spark the means to enact a personal renewal of ultimate self-discovery.

Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change is the must-have handbook for seekers desiring to co-create their best life. Its many exercises, relatable stories, meditational offerings, and other insightful approaches will help you release undesired negative energy and overcome those seemingly ever-present obstacles. Utilize new understandings and their platforms of possibility and promise as you relinquish self-limiting beliefs and discover new vistas.

In Awaken, you’ll discover:

- How to easily, personally, and more readily transform your existence into one that manifests your dreams and desires

- Ways to unlayer and remove trapped emotional energy to help you shift-change into all you might be

- Instruction on the importance of your purpose and how you can step into this new pathway with confidence and ease

- Techniques that will self-heal, create wellness, and lead you to a more lasting happiness

- The ability to access inner fulfillment, shift-change your energy, see this life differently, and so much more

Awaken is an extraordinary resource accelerating the process of true inner awareness, restorative healing, and personal transformation. If you like enacting inspirational insights and garnering a deeper understanding of Universal Love’s vast capabilities and timeless teachings, then get ready for the soul-stirring results these new discoveries will bring.

Pick up a copy of Awaken and get ready to transform into more than your mind can currently fathom.

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