Enact Your Purpose

by Robyn G Locke, the Elders








Release date: Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Ready to profoundly reconnect with Universal Love? Discover a powerful means of transformation through compelling and thought-provoking guidance.

Tired of the mind games? Is it time to outwit the wit? Are you intrigued by what could lie outside the physicality of what you can more readily see and touch? After a near-death experience, gifted speaker, transformation facilitator, and energy intuitive Robyn G. Locke dedicated herself to spreading the wisdoms given by the Elders, beings described as Pure Consciousness and Infinite Awareness. Now she's introducing their third book in the Purpose Trilogy, leading you to rekindle an inner remembrance of what you once knew.

Enact Your Purpose was intuitively given to assist seekers to become more consciously aware and connected to what has been lost over time. With each understanding given, you'll draw new measures into action, redirect mental distractions, and unearth the deeper meaning of emotions. In this intriguing exploration of purposeful discovery, Locke bridges the physical with the non-physical world and relates loving teachings that will gently guide you to pursue profound insights and change the way you see your life and this world.

In Enact Your Purpose, you’ll discover:

- The steps to see past the endless mental banter as you understand why you are not your thoughts

- Energetic keys to elevate your frequency and help you to unlock the underlying premise of your purpose

- How to recognize the platitudes designed to distract, so you can see the deeper truth of your existence

- The incredible significance of the original purpose, the means to discover your purpose in this lifetime and end the rounds of incarnation

- Effective ways to enact change as you implement some simple steps that will transform your existence, revolutionize how you see this life, and much, much more!

Enact Your Purpose is an invaluable resource to help you on your road to becoming satisfied and fulfilled. If you like thought-provoking guidance, mind-expanding knowledge easily implemented through simple instruction, and the means for transformative change, then you’ll love Robyn G. Locke and the Elders’ potent shift in perception.

Read Enact Your Purpose to move into a new knowingness today!

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