The Greater Purpose

by Robyn G Locke, the Elders








Are you searching for answers to address your greater purpose and why you are here? You know you are more than you can see and touch, so is it time to put into motion some subtleties you don’t yet know? Are you ready? Tap into that spiritual part of you and what you are meant to uncover in this pivotal discovery.

Gifted speaker, transformation facilitator, and energy intuitive Robyn G. Locke bridges the physical to the non-physical world to convey insights from the Elders… Beings of Pure Consciousness and Infinite Awareness. Their unlimited and unbounded perspectives are given in unconditional love while shining a light on Universal Love and its many purposeful pathways. Their non-judgmental and uniquely held authority suggests how you might awaken to enact all you are in search of — whether that means self-realization or procuring the best and most bountiful life. Your unimaginable future waits in readiness. Lay claim to your unique gifts as you unearth this ultimate means of personal transformation.

Are you in the doings of your purpose, yet await true fulfillment and the means to move manifestations into motion? Are you routinely and consciously seeking more? If you’re ready for small shifts that will result in epic proportions, look no further.

The Greater Purpose is the definitive guide to finding your purpose. It is made up of the purpose trilogy book series. Within this trilogy, you'll find —

  • Book 1 - The Little Book to Find Your Purpose

    - The expansiveness of Universal Love and its transformative measures

    - Steps to still and slow the mind as you understand why you are not your thoughts

  • Book 2 - The Original Purpose

    - The steps to recognize and enact your original purpose

    - Answers to the age-old question, Why am I here?

  • Book 3 - Enact Your Purpose

    - The steps to see past the endless mental banter as you understand why you are not your thoughts

    - Energetic keys to elevate your frequency and help you to unlock the underlying premise of your purpose

The Greater Purpose is a series of guiding truths and the definitive means of determining and living that original intent. Awaken to the inspiration of your mission through the many nuances you’ll explore. Delve into foundational and fundamental understandings as you remove mental limitations and their constructs. Now move to ascertain what you sought to know once long ago. Grow heart-centered awareness and intuition as you connect the dots to this formula for inner fulfillment. You’ll see life and all within it differently as your vibration shifts accordingly.

If you are looking for life-changing perceptions, an easy way to integrate knowledge the mind can’t conjecture, along with energy keys to Universal Love and what it enables, then step into another portal of possibility as you engage in the all-encompassing, timeless wisdom of the ages.

The Greater Purpose — Your roadmap to success, good health, and happiness as you consciously co-create all you desire.

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