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Have you been struggling to discover your next best step? Do you wonder if you are seeing all of the choices available or do choices seem too limited? As a gifted communicator, energy intuitive, and spiritual seeker, Robyn uses her ability to communicate with the Elders to facilitate insights you may have not yet seen. To answer those questions which keep you adrift of what is as you ground your mind and body -- further anchoring into yourself into this reality. Through intuitively lead instruction, you will work together to locate, shift, and remove what doesn't serve you or your life. As you shift change, new opportunities will come into play as you recognize and incorporate a renewed awareness into this life. Feel the difference as you embark to make some energetic shift changes in this way!


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Britney G.

I've changed how I see things. Wow, what a gift!

Consultations with Robyn helped me see through some of my darkest times, in both present moments and reflecting on traumas of the past. In reflecting on one of the most horrific experiences of this existence, I was able to see it as a gift to my soul. A trauma that weighed on my mind for decades was seen as a lesson, a gift of empathy, because from that experience I began a very empathic journey. I believe very deeply that we are not humans that have spiritual experiences but spiritual beings having a human experience. All conversations with Robyn reflect this perspective and allow me to see the ups and downs of life from the perspective of my soul. She will teach you how to laugh at the shenanigans of the ego, to outwit the wit, and move forward with a wistful and light perspective at the thoughts that used to keep you trapped. I often refer to Robyn as my spiritual advisor, but it truly is a watered-down term for something that just can't be named. She is a lighthouse to enlightenment and a connection to something far more wise and deep than ourselves. 


Lauren H.

I loved every single interaction!

The messages from the Elders provide me with clarity on ideas I havent seen presently in this way elsewhere. What I hear from them helps me rememberthe bigger purpose of my time here in life now and of the simplicity for me to live my most true and highest path. Ive loved every single interaction and am so excited to listen to more from Robyn Locke and the EldersRobyns sweet laughs always warm, not just my heart, but my entire energy state. Thank you Robyn for what you do! The books and groups are a gift for us all at this time, or anytime!!!


Al M.

Thank you for salvaging my relationship ...

After a very long time of making each other miserable, I had asked my wife of 43 years for a divorce. But I still wanted us to get along and not be bitter towards each other.

I would have approached this all wrong if I hadn't talked to Robyn first. She understood what I was trying to achieve. She showed me how to be aware of what makes me happy and design a plan each day to achieve that.

I'm much calmer now. My life with my new wife is very happy. My ex-wife, 2 daughters, grandchildren, and my new family all get along just fine! 


Kret W.

I trusted your direction — I got the promotion!

I had an interview for a higher position at work and was nervous about it. I wanted more money than what was offered but afraid to ask for it. I had negative thoughts and no self-confidence.

Robyn showed me how to start my day with positive thoughts and energy. I did what she said and felt good about it.

I was offered the position and got the salary I asked for. Now I have a less stressful job and a different way of looking at things.

Customized Healing Sessions

Have you looked for solutions to your problems and anxieties, but they don't seem to appear? If you said yes and you are seeking the means to kick start components of your life — enact a different tomorrow — then let us work with you to enable this reality.

Intuitive Healing Sessions are available in 30, 60, or 90-minute Skype sessions. During your session expect to perhaps experience an energetic shift, embrace different perspectives, more clarity, relaxation, an inner validation, or even a lightness of being as you reconnect more fully with your true or authentic self. Discover a more fully aligned mindset by planting and nurturing the seeds needed to allow for continued growth, moving you closer to all you seek to know. These intuitively held sessions are perfect for anyone who is:

  • Emotionally drained
  • Feeling helpless
  • Burnt out from work, daily activites, or life in general
  • Suffering physical body pains
  • Looking to evolve more consciously
  • Wishing to deepen their spiritual connection
  • Seeking to heal mentally or emotionally
  • Recovering from loss or trauma
  • Ready to understand themselves through the connection of Spiritual Soul, the body vessel, and Source Energy
  • Wanting to move beyond mentally imposed mind limitations and those relentless mind games
  • Going through sudden or major life changes
  • Seeking to shift change their life
  • Wanting to enlist a new perspective — to see life differently
  • Ready to welcome in change

Breakthroughs occur as you set the intention for them to be. Experience the differences you can manifest and grow within your own life when you choose to engage from a different vantage. Any session recommendations and/or assessments can be readily determined during our initial meeting.

FREE Initial Consultation

15-Minute Consultation


  • Ask questions
  • Explore the process
  • Take charge -- change your life

30-Minute Consultations

Single, 30-Minute Consultation

  • One (1), 30-Minute Session
  • Employ Change Today
  • Virtual or In-Person

60-Minute Consultations

Single, 60-Minute Consultation $125

  • One (1), 60-Minute Session
  • Enlist a Measure to Shift Change
  • Virtual or In-Person

90-Minute Consultations

Single, 90-Minute Consultation

  • One (1), 90-Minute Session
  • Engage, Grow, Renew
  • Virtual or In-Person

Package Consultations

$500, Save $125

  • Five (5), 60-Minute Sessions
  • Enact Purposeful Change
  • Virtual or In-Person

Customized Sessions

Have you looked for solutions but they don't seem possible? If you are seeking a means to kick-start components of your life -- enact a different tomorrow -- then let us work with you to enable this new reality.

Know that life is and can be all you desire it to be. Choices abound and your future can be more than you ever thought possible.