Gain Control Again when You Enlist and Confirm Those Aha Insights Differently


Have you ever taken a perfectly good day and turned it upside down by engaging with lesser thoughts; those negative thoughts produced by your mind? Why is that? Wouldn’t it would be better to be happy and engage with the thoughts that allow for better thoughts to result?

Engage from Your Heart Center

Do you recognize and realize that when you ask a question inwardly to seek confirmation, that if you ask mentally, you will receive a mental response? Do you realize that when enlisting to know if you have found something of a spiritual nature that you might receive the best insights when centering first from your heart space before querying your question?

Seek alignment first and then proceed with your questions. For it is from this space that Love exists and that you will more readily prefer to receive its answers. You see, otherwise, you will merely receive a mental confirmation of what this mental-ness needs to know. It seeks confirmation from a rightness or posture of needing to know as it seeks to be found correct in actions or beliefs taken. But this may leave you adrift of what truly is in play.

Always seek to engage in a heart aligned way so that the answers your receive align from that space rather than another.

Enlist Positive Thinking

Recognize that you are in the midst of a mind game as you engage to outwit what has come before. You see, these earlier thoughts have grown roots. Seek positive foundational footing instead. Instill those measures which anchor what will put a smile on your face. Align in this way, and in a better way than before. Know that all the posturing and considerations coming into play will be those you allow to become fertile. Seek to grow a new root system in this way. Cultivate better thoughts; those that make you feel good.

Know that in time, this process will become easier as you grow your practice. As you cultivate this understanding then you will more easily move to incorporate components that will shift how you perceive and receive insights and new understandings. You will grow all that moves and flows from this point forward for you will not be in the same state of mind as before. You will have shifted in the process. And isn’t that what you might prefer? To be in a wholly different state of mind. Then you will have out-witted the wit, so to speak. And wouldn’t this be a better thing to do?

Grow a better tomorrow as you move beyond today. Enlist and engage positive thoughts to think as you enliven the day and those things that move forward from there.