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As the title suggests, we have a brief guide on how we can improve ourselves in several ways. The author divides the book into short segments that can be read in a few minutes and are chronological. Robyn begins by bringing to attention the small things that happen in life. Small decisions can affect our lives profoundly. She notes, "Choices do impact everything within your life as you reap the rewards or consequences from each decision made." Then the discussion broadens to attitude change and how positive or negative thoughts impact our lives.

The work is full of lessons and enlightenment. When I thought the author was done shedding some light, then boom! She comes with more advice and illumination. One practical example the book cites is the planting of a seed. For instance, if you plant an avocado seed, be sure you'll not harvest lemons or blueberries. A common saying goes, "what you plant is what you sow."

One thing I loved was the practical lessons. In one instance, the author includes some words readers are to say back in the attempt to create tranquility within ourselves. I did as instructed, and I had my results. I'd encourage you to get a copy of the book and attempt to do the same. Then see the outcome!

The author reminds us that when we sow seeds of evil thoughts, then we yield negative results. Plus, who we surround ourselves with matters a great deal. Are the people we engage with giving off productive energy? Energy is infectious, whether positive or negative.

One thing I did not like was the narrow information provided about the Elders. I wanted to learn more and know how they inspired the author to compose this book. In addition, there are some foreign words I did not understand. The language used seemed strange.

The exceptional editing of the book requires thumbs up, as I detected no error. I award The Little Book to Find Your Purpose by Robyn G Locke 4 out of 4 stars. One thing that challenged me was ego. The author says, "Ego can be your worst companion or best friend. Best friend when you have something from which you need protection and worst companion most other times." Before reading this sentiment, I had never thought of ego as anything positive or virtuous. I recommend the guide to any reader looking to learn from the Elders and elevate their life.